One of Andrew's most recent students has progressed quickly since beginning lessons 9 months ago after learning the flute many years ago in Italy.

The length and frequency of lessons with Andrew is discussed on an individual basis at an initial consultation lesson.  A weekly lesson is typical for most students, but fortnightly or ad hoc lessons can also be arranged.  A lesson length of 1/2 hour is often favoured, but lessons of 3/4 hour are recommended for students of intermediate standard and higher, and up to an hour suits some students.

Students who cannot attend a pre-arranged lesson time are asked to give Andrew at least 24 hours' notice.  This will give Andrew the chance to fill the slot with another student, enabling the missed lesson to be re-arranged for a mutually convenient time either later in the same week, or the following week.



The old adage that "practice makes perfect" may be an exaggeration, but practising between lessons is certainly the key to making steady progress in learning to play the flute.  Andrew gives some tips on good practice strategies in the downloadable document below.


Andrew Littlewood's flute student, accompanied by her father at a Roundhay Music concert
Andrew Littlewood advises this flute student on the best posture
One of the first students taught by Andrew Littlewood, flute teacher in Leeds
This student is progressing quickly, after 9 months lessons with Andrew Littlewood in Leeds

Andrew teaches students of all ages, from as young as 7 to retired adults.  His oldest student is currently 82 years old and has been having flute lessons with Andrew  since 1999.


All levels of student are taught by Andrew, from complete beginners to performing diploma and degree standards.

Andrew is keen to ensure that his students learn the best flute playing techniques from the start, which will stand them in good stead as they advance.


Particularly important is correct breath control and some tips on breathing can be downloaded from the link below.

Andrew Littlewood demonstrating the flute

Flute / Piccolo Lessons

From his years of experience in teaching the flute and piccolo, Andrew Littlewood knows that every student is different - in their reasons for wanting to learn, their aspirations, musical tastes, and so on.  What they all have in common is a love for the sound that the flute or piccolo makes and a willingness to learn the skills necessary to bring the best out of the instrument.  Andrew is adept at nurturing each student's aptitude and ability, enabling them to fulfil their potential and fostering what often becomes a lifelong passion.

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"You have been an absolute wonderful tutor and your love for the flute and kindness has made every lesson enjoyable, not to mention your warm sense of humour.  It's not often I leave a lesson of ANYTHING chuckling to myself!  Your encouragement has really been invaluable in motivating me to try again & AGAIN for that perfect embouchure.  But you've actually taught me much more than how to play the flute, you've actually helped me to truly appreciate and understand music in ITSELF! You're a brilliant teacher."

Suhaiymah Imaan Manzoor Khan

"Thank you so much Andrew for teaching me.  I have learnt a lot and I hope to continue playing my flute in the future!"

Love from Sophie and family

Andrew Littlewood makes sure his flute students have the correct embouchure

One of the first pupils that Andrew taught.  He is now a highly regarded University professor!


Developing the correct posture and a good embouchure is essential when learning to play the flute



A hand-made gift from a student to Andrew Littlewood, flute teacher in Leeds



As well as proven performance skills which he can pass on to his pupils, Andrew also has an extensive teaching background which enables him to get the best out of his students.  Andrew has taught in schools and colleges in both the public and private sectors whilst being Principal of Roundhay Music.

One of Andrew Littlewood's flute students performing at a Roundhay Music concert

The piccolo calls for a smaller embouchure from that used when playing the flute, and this means that it makes the player have to be even more precise to play the instrument well.  Therefore students need to be intermediate standard on the flute before taking up the piccolo, so that they understand the technique required and are able to play in tune, as well as having a formed embouchure.  

Consultations:  The initial half-hour consultation fee for beginners and intermediate students is £22.  A longer assessment session for more advanced students can be arranged by prior agreement, and the additional time is charged at the pro rata fee for those students (see below).


N.B. Consultations are waived if other lessons are already taken through Roundhay Music.  


£5.00 is deducted through Roundhay Music student "Recommend a Friend" scheme.

In certain circumstances, a concessionary fee may be agreed.

One of Andrew's talented flute students playing at a recent concert accompanied by her father.

More testimonials can be seen on the Testimonials page, as well as the pages for Exam Info, Music Theory Lessons and the Home page.



Andrew is a highly qualified musician, having graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in Music (G.Mus)  He subsequently was awarded the Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Flute Studies from the Royal Academy of Music in London.  Andrew has also gained a Licentiate in Music Performance Diploma from Trinity College of Music (LTCL).  For details of all Andrew's qualifications, visit his Profile page.



Lessons are normally held at Andrew's Roundhay Music studios in North Leeds.  A map and address are given on the Contact page.  If preferred, it may be possible for lessons to be given at the student's home instead, in which case a Roundhay Music flute tutor can be arranged.

Lessons:  The fee for flute or piccolo lessons up to Grade 8 is £37.80 per hour on a pro rata basis, ie a lesson lasting 1/2 hour is £18.90, or £28.35 for a 3/4 hour lesson.  They are charged in 5 or 10 lesson blocks and taken up as arranged at the consultation.

Advanced students who have taken Grade 8 are charged a fee of £46.56 per hour pro rata.

For performance degree tuition, please contact Andrew to discuss the fee.


For chamber music coaching, the hourly fee is split equally between the members of the group.

See the Home page for a close-up of the thank-you gift made by Suhaiymah for Andrew Littlewood

This student is performing at a concert held by Roundhay Music - see the Home page for details.