Andrew is an excellent flute tutor.  He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and conscientious.  His attention to detail and musicality helps to guide his pupils towards achieving their potential.  Andrew is passionate about musical education and has many years of experience from which to draw from and pass on this knowledge."

JDW (professional musician and teacher)


One of Andrew Littlewood's adult flute students
Andrew Littlewood coaching a flute trio of adults at intermediate standard
This hand-made embroidery was given to Andrew Littlewood by one of his appreciative flute students
This student is performing at a concert held by Roundhay Music

There are opportunities to perform every term at Roundhay Music’s students’ concerts (see below)

Here Andrew is coaching a flute trio of adults at intermediate standard

This flute quartet in Leeds is being coached by flute teacher Andrew Littlewood

Coaching a post Grade 8 and Diploma flute quartet



“Andrew has taught our son, who is now 11 years old, for the past four years. We’re delighted at the fun he’s had and the progress he’s made, in terms of confidence as well as musical skills. Patient, committed and resourceful, Andrew has struck just the right balance between fun and challenges, inspiring and nurturing a love of music that looks set to last a lifetime.”

Vicki F


Andrew has taught the above student from the age of 7 and he is now Grade 5 standard.

“Andrew has transformed my flute playing. I had learned flute as a teenager with various teachers and never found one who was able to address my technique with the level of skill and care which Andrew shows. In only a few months of lessons, he has supported me to progress from being hugely frustrated with my sound to being able to tackle Grade 8 pieces in a way which is beginning to sound the way I want them to! As a professional pianist and music teacher myself, I recognise the skill, musicianship, flexibility and patience with which Andrew teaches. I've learned through experience the long-term impact of poor teaching, and wish I'd had a teacher like Andrew all those years ago when I first picked up a flute. Lessons are worth every penny and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Our daughter started lessons with Andrew in November 2016 when she was eight years old and a complete beginner on the flute. Andrew is an excellent teacher, passionate about his subject and keen to share his knowledge and skills in fun and supportive ways. He maintains an engaging pace while stressing the importance of good technique and attention to detail. My daughter always enjoys her lessons with Andrew and it is wonderful to hear her progress each time she plays her flute.

Natalie R



Membership of Roundhay Music enables Andrew's flute students free access if they wish to perform in the students' concerts which are held every term, and they also become eligible to join Roundhay Music's chamber groups and children's orchestra.



The concerts held each term by Roundhay Music give Andrew's flute students the opportunity to gain performance experience in front of a friendly and supportive audience.  The concerts are timed to coincide with the start of the music exam periods, so pieces can be aired before practical grades are taken and to give a platform to the many groups who wish to perform music they have been rehearsing. Not only are the concerts an enjoyable social occasion where students can share their music with family and friends, they can also be empowering and beneficial to students in other aspects of their lives, as can be seen from the following student's experience...

Welcome flute lover!  Whether you are an aspiring flute player or an advanced flautist, if you are looking for flute lessons in Leeds, do take a look round Andrew Littlewood's web site to see whether he is the right teacher for you.

Andrew Littlewood was teaching this student Grade 5 when she performed in a Roundhay Music concert in Leeds

Most of Andrew's students are from Leeds and the surrounding areas such as Ilkley, but some are prepared to travel from much further afield.  One student used to come from the East Yorkshire Wolds, a round trip of nearly 100 miles, and a current student travels from the North Yorkshire Dales, a round trip of about 60 miles.

One of Andrew Littlewood's students having a flute lesson in Leeds

Andrew gives flute lessons to students of all ages, from 7 year old children to adults who take up learning the flute later in life

Andrew encourages his students to join groups of other musicians once they are a suitable standard, usually around Grade 2 level.  Playing with others offers the opportunity to play different repertoire and to develop new skills, as well as having the pleasure of making new friends.

“It's funny you ask about the influence of performing on what I do now - me and my mum were discussing this just the other day and I have to say, I think learning to perform musically in front of audiences - including all the preparation, practice and consideration of body language etc, has really fed into the work I do now. Performing poetry is the exact same process (with the addition of memorising my pieces) and I do think the lack of stage-fright/nervousness I have may well be rooted in being normalised into performing during my teenage years.  


The Roundhay Music concerts were always a little daunting but very rewarding - they set me up to learn how to hold myself in front of a crowd, skills of confidence, discipline and practice that you rarely get a chance to learn anywhere else. I think even at the time I perhaps didn't value them as much as I do looking back and considering how they taught me skills that are a regular part of my life as a performance poet.


The concerts are not only training you musically but for speaking in front of audiences, not being afraid to try something out in front of people, learning to recover from accidents or slip-ups and that they aren't the end of the world, the art of collaborating and understanding performance as dialogue. I think it's hard to recognise their value unless you participate in them."

In 2017 Roundhay Music celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special concert at Leeds College of Music.  One of the adult students who performed at the concert, James Squire, is now a Lecturer in Flute & Saxophone at Leeds College of Music.

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Flute lessons re Covid-19


Andrew offers flute lessons either via online Zoom or face-to-face.


Telephone 0113 269 7754 between 8.30am and 3.30pm weekdays

or email andrew@fluteteacherleeds.co.uk for more information.



Andrew is an accomplished flautist and an experienced ensemble player (details are on his Profile page), and coaches flute ensembles at all levels from Primary up to Advanced.  


Andrew's fee for coaching ensembles is given on the Flute/Piccolo Lessons page.

More testimonials can be seen on the Testimonials page, as well as the pages for Flute/Piccolo Lessons, Exam Info and Music Theory Lessons.

Andrew's flute students are automatically enrolled as members of Roundhay Music, of which Andrew is Principal (see Andrew's Profile for more information).  In 2016, the contribution which Roundhay Music makes to the musical life of Leeds was recognised by the Lord Mayor of Leeds.

Andrew is a highly qualified flautist and is keen to pass on his specialist knowledge to his pupils.  Amongst his qualifications is a G.Mus (Graduate in Music) university degree, and his many other qualifications can be seen on his Profile.

The key to becoming proficient on the flute is regular practice, which can be more satisfying to do if a student is motivated by having a goal.  For some students the goal is taking a graded examination (see Exam Info), whilst for others the goal may be achieving a standard whereby they are able to play regularly with other musicians.  Andrew has helped numerous students to reach their goal, whether that is exam success or a more personal achievement, such as learning to play a favourite piece of music for a family wedding.

Many of Andrew's students have said how much they have benefited from their lessons with him, as can be seen on the Testimonials page as well as the pages for Flute/Piccolo Lessons, Music Theory Lessons and Exam Info.  This handmade embroidery was a gift to Andrew from a pupil who wanted to show how much she appreciated his teaching.



Andrew is well qualified to coach students in performance skills, having been trained at the Royal Academy of Music as a recitalist and having attained not only a Licentiate in Music Performance from Trinity College London (LTCL) but also the Governors' Prize for Achievement (see Andrew's Profile for more information about his qualifications).


One of the students who Andrew coached recently was working towards her finals on the BA Performers course at Leeds University.  She was subsequently successful in gaining a First.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, to find out more about flute lessons with Andrew Littlewood, go to FLUTE/PICCOLO LESSONS