Andrew Littlewood, flute teacher in Leeds, performs at a recital
Andrew Littlewood, Leeds, enjoying his cycling hobby

Profile of Andrew Littlewood

Andrew Littlewood, Leeds, enjoying a birdwatching vacation
One of Andrew Littlewood's interests is natural history

Andrew performing a recital in aid of the Oncology Wing at St James's Hospital, Leeds



Andrew graduated with a degree in Music (G.Mus) from Huddersfield University.  During this three-year study course, he was tutored by John Barrow, then a member of Manchester Camerata.  


At the same time as his university course, Andrew prepared for the Music Performance Diploma from Trinity College London and gained a Licentiate (LTCL).  He also received the distinction of being awarded the Governors' Prize for Achievement.


Andrew was awarded a further two years LEA discretionary grant to study as a recitalist at the Royal Academy of Music in London, after which he was awarded the Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Flute Studies. His tutors during this course included Sebastian Bell of London Sinfonietta and Richard Taylor of London Symphony Orchestra, with whom Andrew also studied the piccolo.


When not teaching, performing or fulfilling his commitments as Principal of Roundhay Music, Andrew's main interests lie in natural history, including being  a keen "birder". He enjoys walking, cycling and loves to travel, and is also interested in sport - mainly motor racing, cricket, tennis and snooker.



Andrew has participated in master classes given by some of the most respected flautists in the UK, including:


-  Geoffrey Gilbert (Hallé Orchestra, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, amongst others)


-  William Bennett OBE (President of the British Flute Society, recording artist, flautist and soloist with most of the UK’s major orchestras).



Andrew has a long and varied background in teaching at both private and public sector educational establishments.


In the state sector, Andrew has been Flute Teacher with Leeds City Council Artforms and South West Hertfordshire Music Service, and has also coached woodwind on the SW Herts Orchestral Course.


In his capacity as Principal of Roundhay Music, Andrew and his partner organise instrumental displays in schools. These are part of the introductory process designed to encourage children of all ages to take up learning an instrument or singing.

Andrew Littlewood was born in Leeds, and with the exception of his time at university and music college, has always lived in Leeds.


Andrew's first introduction to the world of music began at the age of eight when he started learning the piano, achieving Grade 8 by the time he left school and reaching performing diploma standard whilst an undergraduate.  Andrew's skill on the piano enables him to provide piano accompaniment for his intermediate level students.


When he reached the age of twelve, Andrew took up the flute, and discovered what became a lifelong love for the instrument. Andrew's progress on the flute led to him gaining a scholarship from the Yorkshire College of Music in Leeds for a year's free flute tuition at the age of seventeen.  



On returning to Leeds after obtaining a degree and other qualifications in music (see above), Andrew saw that there did not seem to be any formalised way for the public to access top quality reputable music teachers. In addition, he identified a need for students who were learning music privately to be able to gain more chamber music experience and training for concert performances. This lack of opportunity was rectified in 1987 when Andrew founded Roundhay Music, a not-for-profit partnership offering high quality music tuition and performance training in Leeds.


Since then, the school has expanded to encompass around 80 music teachers, providing many different aspects of music and styles to all ages in the local community.  Andrew continues a busy schedule of administrative duties that are combined with his teaching routine, coaching chamber groups and organising concerts for the students.



Andrew is a longstanding member of both the British Flute Society and the Musicians' Union.

Andrew Littlewood, teacher of flute, music theory and piccolo, Leeds

Andrew's experience in the private sector includes appointments as Flute Tutor at Watford School for Girls and Ackworth Day/Boarding School and preparatory school in Pontefract spanning 15 years. Other work in preparatory schools includes several years teaching flute and descant recorder at Richmond House and Moorlands schools in Leeds.


Higher and further education establishments where Andrew has worked include Harrogate Technical College and Barnsley College. Here he was asked to devise a syllabus for the flute students on the performers' course.


Andrew's work in the education section also includes rehearsals with his Aspen Chamber Ensemble, which specialises in educational concerts, functions and formal concerts.



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