After 4 years tuition with Andrew, this student is working towards Grade 5 flute



Andrew teaches music theory up to Grade 5.  ABRSM exams are held three times a year on specific days, which are listed on the ABRSM web site.

This flute student of Andrew Littlewood's is taking part in a Roundhay Music conceert
One of Andrew Littlewood's flute students, who is working towards Grade 5

Exam Information

Some of Andrew Littlewood's students are keen to take flute or music theory examinations with one of the music examining boards (ABRSM, Trinity College London or London College of Music).  For some, it is a goal to aim for and passing the examination is a satisfying achievement.  For school students, a pass in a music exam qualifies for UCAS points and some universities are also pleased to see the evidence of the commitment and hard work that has led to the exam pass.

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"Thank you very much for teaching me over the many years.  I have definitely improved from when I first started and I have enjoyed learning and playing the flute - even the scales!  Thank you for helping me reach Grade 6. Hopefully I will be able to keep and improve on this standard in the future."


"Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for teaching me for almost eleven years!  I never imagined I would be able to reach Grade 8 and without all your help I know it wouldn't have been possible.  Playing the flute is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can't thank you enough for making my lessons such an enjoyable experience (other than all the scales!)  I really hope we can stay in touch and I'll definitely make an effort to keep up my playing.

Best wishes for the future."

Love Katie x

One adult student who started learning the flute from scratch 3 years ago, had no previous knowledge of music and is making great progress. She has already passed Grade 4 with distinction and will soon take Grade 5.



Flute exams with one of the music examining boards take place up to three times a year.  Andrew will discuss with the student and/or parent which session the student should aim for, in order to have the best chance of success. The syllabuses of each board focus on different aspects of musicianship, and Andrew will recommend the most appropriate board for each individual student.

Another student Andrew has taught is a T4 paraplegic adult.  He was not sure whether he would be able to take up the flute with his paralysis, but there was no problem and he was doing really well, having passed Grade 2 before moving away from the area.  He was also able to join a community band near York which added a further dimension to his enjoyment of music.

Amongst some of Andrew's adult students who are more advanced than Grade 8, a couple have already taken diplomas and another has recently been awarded a 1st in her BA Hons final recital at Leeds University.

Taking a flute exam is an opportunity for students to perform their music to the best of their ability.  Andrew's students are able to practise performance skills in the free students' concerts which are organised every term by Roundhay Music, of which Andrew is Principal.  Pupils are also offered the opportunity to join chamber groups and a children's orchestra when they reach a suitable standard.

Many of Andrew's students reach an advanced level on the flute. One of the music examining boards, the ABRSM, requires that students who are planning to take Grade 6 or above have passed Grade 5 Music Theory.  Andrew recommends that students are trained in Music Theory at an early stage so that they can progress to Grade 6 flute without delay.

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This student is performing a Grade 6 piece at a Roundhay Music concert in 2017.  She achieved a Distinction at Grade 7 the following year and is aiming for Grade 8 in 2019.


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